Who is Alex Ceskavich?

I’m a lot of things. I’m most well known for being an investor and an entrepreneur. But I also love to travel and train Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

My “claim to fame” is probably that I have made my partners and my clients more than $140 million dollars.

I’ve disrupted industries, launched best sellers, and scaled marketing funnels that have spent tens of millions of dollars a month.

I’ve partnered with online and offline businesses. I’ve played in dozens of different industries. I’ve sold everything from sex advice to ceramic roofing tiles. From Facebook ads to baby bikes.

My big secret is I’m kinda shy:

I made this website because I’m a recluse. In fact, I spent the first ten years of my career working exclusively by word of mouth. I even had a flip phone till 2019.

I realized I had more to share with – and more to learn from – business owners all over the world.

So I made this website. All so I could meet people like, well, you. So I can share with you, learn from you, and hopefully make money with you.

If you own or control a business with million+ annual revenues…

… I’d like you to schedule a time to talk.

Whether we become friends, partners, or rivals, I wish you success and happiness. I firmly believe that rising tides raise all ships. And I believe the only way to succeed in business and in life is together.

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What My Clients & Partners Say

Vin DiCarloCEO Altare Publishing

“Alex is one of the sharpest, most credentialed marketing minds in the world, hands down. He took me from living in a dark and dingy apartment in the middle of nowhere to buying a multi-million dollar penthouse (with heated marble floors and a friggin’ indoor waterfall) just outside New York City.  He invented many of the strongest hooks in our industry and created a marketing ‘vocabulary’ in this industry on which every competitor now relies on. He has produced many winning controls that still to this day bring in millions of dollars of revenue.  He will research any industry and like a laser beam focus right in on what the winning hook is going to be. Many headlines he wrote back in 2010 are still unbeaten controls in my business. He is a pleasure to work with, and an all around good guy.”

Julian ReyesEntrepreneur & Vagabond

“I had the privilege of watching Alex scale a 30k a month company… to a 5 million dollar a month company. His superb sales copy and razor sharp marketing intuition played a pivotal role in that growth. And yet, despite his achievements, Alex is extremely humble, takes (and implements) feedback well, and is just an all around good guy. If you ever get the opportunity to work with him, I suggest you jump on it.”

Alex AllmanCEO Life Love Passion Inc.

“How did I like working with Alex Ceskavich? He was (and still is) the most expensive consultant I’ve worked with. More than 3 times what I’ve paid others. The funnel he presented me with, quite frankly, made me uncomfortable. But I made everything back and more in the first 30 days of deploying his funnel, and easily banked more than 250K in profit from that funnel in the past couple of years.”

Aaron BrabhamFormer CEO The Millionaire Anywhere

“I have known Alex for 7 years and have been amazed at his ability to write killer converting copy time again. What sets Alex apart from other world class copywriters is his ability to see the entire customer acquisition and retention plan before he works on the big idea for his promotions. It is rare for a copywriter to understand the business owner’s perspective. Alex listens and then produces big results. I can’t recommend him enough.”